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Reporting template meta description

Reporting template

The templates provided below are meant to support data visualization regarding the OeNB’s new reporting and data framework. These templates are relevant primarily for reporting agents that have opted to use the OeNB’s IT interface to transmit their data.

Beyond the IT interface, we provide the “MeldeWeb” application on the OeNB portal ( for submitting a range of reports and managing the related master data. The templates for data entry provided on MeldeWeb mirror the structure of the templates shown here.

Data revisions made after January 1, 2022, for periods before December 31, 2021, have to be made with the latest reporting templates published. Likewise, all reports after January 1, 2022, have to be made with the new reporting templates.

Example (AWVLM report):

Each report includes the following information:



Header data

Report code – unique identifier for reports


Reporting entity (OeNB ID number) – unique identifier for reporting entities

12345 – sample business

Reporting reference date

December 31, 2020

Concepts (groups of attributes)

Concepts or attribute groups serve to structure and group attributes that are required for business event reporting. Reports may be made on basis of one or more attribute groups.

For AWVLM reports, three concepts/attribute groups may be used.

“Attribute group 2” (real estate transactions) comprises four attributes (country of counterparty, type of transaction, country of real estate, type of value).


Different attribute groups consist of different attributes.

These attributes serve to provide a precise description of the respective values.

For instance, the attribute “country of counterparty” comprises all ISO country codes.

(DE, FR, US, etc.)

Reporting values

The actual values reported. These values may refer to amounts of money or percentages.

Purchase price of EUR 10,000,000

The reporting templates basically serve to indicate what kind of information needs to be reported. Data may be transmitted only through the reporting channels indicated.

Mapping of reports (overview)

Overview of new reports mapped to the reports they have replaced

Report code


Report title


Report code


Report title



Report of direct investment transactions


Cross-border investors and affiliates – transactions


Annual inward FDI survey / survey of inward FDI stocks and foreign affiliates in Austria 


Cross-border investors and affiliates – stocks


Outward FDI survey / survey of outward FDI stocks and Austrian affiliates abroad

S1 - S4

Other investment claims on and/or liabilities to nonresident group companies


Cross-border credit and debit balances

S5 - S6

Interest receivable and/or payable related to other investment


Accounts receivable and/or payable related to trade credits (from/to foreign group companies)


Cross-border real estate transactions and capital transfers


Cross-border capital transfers and real estate transactions


Financial derivatives


Cross-border financial derivatives


Assets held in domestic custody accounts


Domestic custody accounts


Assets not held in domestic custody accounts


Assets held in custody accounts abroad, own-use securities and crypto assets


Securities repurchase agreements and securities lending agreements (transactions with nonresidents only)


To be phased out (securities repurchase agreements and securities lending agreements with nonresident counterparties)

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