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Legal texts

Apart from the requirements of the BOP reporting regulation 1/2022 on cross-border capital transactions, the Reports on Portfolio Investment (AWWPI and AWWPA) also meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 1011/2012 of the European Central Bank of 17 October 2012 concerning statistics on holdings of securities (ECB/2012/24) (Securities Holdings Statistics (SHS) Regulation). The data acquired to comply with this Regulation are confidential statistical data as defined in Council Regulation (EC) No 2533/98 of 23 November 1998 concerning the collection of statistical information by the European Central Bank and, as regards national central banks, may be used in the field of prudential supervision on the basis of Article 8 (1) of this Regulation. Unless indicated otherwise, the OeNB uses data reported for BOP purposes data also for banking supervisory purposes, in line with Article 8 (2) of Council Regulation (EC) No 2533/98.

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